In Search of the Mystery ... An evening with Daniele Piccirillo

Saturday 13 March at 16:00


€ 60 for the special guided tour and previous insights

€ 35 for dinner in the Taverna with Tasting Menu

A special guided tour, led by the famous Ghost Hunter Daniele Piccirillo, who will reveal the mysterious secrets of the Gropparello Castle through his experiments.

An Evening as a Ghost Hunter with Daniele Piccirillo

The evening includes:

  • Introductory introduction to the guided tour with projections and explanation of the events that can be observed

  • typical dinner in the Medieval Tavern, where Daniele will answer the guests' questions (Menu: Piacenza salami with fried dumplings, Piacenza tortelli with butter and sage, Piacenza salami cooked with cream of potatoes in oil and fried breaded pumpkin, chocolate mousse with crumble and jam of strawberries)

  • night guided tour with sharing of experiences

The editorial staff of the new ESISTO magazine will be present during the evening, including the pages of research on the mystery of Daniele Piccirillo. The magazine will be presented briefly and will be on sale in a limited edition for those wishing to know it