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Cost € 300 for up to 25 children.
Each additional boy pays € 12

Aimed at 2nd grade middle schools

Objective: to impress in the minds and imagination of the children the scheme of Hell and the moral logic behind the sins, highlighting some characters of Hell, some theological questions and visions of Creation that emerge during Dante's journey

The boys are welcomed - on the online platform - by a host who introduces them to the heart of the activity, in which they will meet the souls of the damned. These, even without revealing their name, will be recognizable by their words and their stories, as well as by the interpretation that marks the characteristic features of sin and punishment.

Thus Dante's world comes to life, his thought and his moral and religious ethics, together with the political and private events that stirred the poet's soul in those years.

The activity is divided between:

  • exploration of the structure of Hell

  • deepening of the ethical / religious / philosophical problems of conscience of medieval man, through the riddles that the damned pose to the class

  • tests in which students compete. The tests will be linked to the punishments of the damned of the various groups and serve to impress sins and retaliation in the memory, to make their meaning understood and to stimulate reflection


  • Duration approximately 2 hours

  • Platform used: ZOOM

  • we recommend connecting to the platform 10 minutes before

  • after payment you will receive a confirmation email with the shopping list and tools to use, and the day before you will receive the LINK to access the live broadcast

  • The LINK that we will send for the connection is personal and must be kept confidential and not disclosed

  • At the set time, the LINK will become active

  • each ticket entitles you to access for the number of connections agreed.

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