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Cost € 250 up to 25 children
each additional child pays € 10.00
English Intrigue- attività on line Caste

Yellow at the Castle for the deepening of the English language - Aimed at middle schools

1st and 2nd degree

Didactic activity for learning the English language, set in the MIDDLE AGES

The boys face the activity as investigators from a distant kingdom, called - over the air - to solve delicate intrigues and discover the perpetrators of various crimes. To arrive at the solution they will have to interact with English-speaking characters; driven by the spirit of the game, the engaging mysterious setting and the comic capacity of the characters, they will overcome the difficulties of the language.Learning a foreign language is greatly facilitated by the dynamics of the game and, in this case, by the use of the technological means, which already in itself disposes the children to a strong individual participation. The intrigue of the thriller, the suggestion created by the castle environment, the challenge between companions and finally the atmosphere evoked by the actors become very strong elements of assimilation, which stimulate the imagination by opening the mind to an effective, experiential and instinctive type of learning. .

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