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Cost € 300 for up to 25 children.
Each additional boy pays € 12.00
alla scoperta degli Antichi Romani
attività Antichi Romani
degustazione pietanze dell'Antica Roma1.
degustazione pietanze Antica Roma023 low

Ancient Rome and its customs seen through the preparation of some dishes made according to the recipes of De Coquinaria di Apicio.

The activity, IN ITS ONLINE VERSION, aims to paint the world of Roman culture by letting them come to life through the characters who interact with each other and with the class. Many customs of urban life will be explained, we will talk about legends and myths about the foundation of Rome, about divinities and forms of worship, fashion and culture. Oratory will be practiced and the students will get to work, divided into groups (gens), on civic and political proposals, guiding them in the paradigms of Roman thought.

Duration: 1h: 30 '

If you want, you can combine a small cooking lesson, to prepare an Ancient Roman dish with the children to taste, or a workshop for the construction of the wax tablet on which to write. The list of raw materials will be provided at the time of booking.

The addition of the laboratory will not involve an increase in costs, but an increase of about 30 'of time to the duration of the activity


  • Duration approximately 2 hours

  • Platform used: ZOOM

  • we recommend connecting to the platform 10 minutes before

  • after payment you will receive a confirmation email with the shopping list and tools to use, and the day before you will receive the LINK to access the live broadcast

  • The LINK that we will send for the connection is personal and must be kept confidential and not disclosed

  • At the set time, the LINK will become active

  • each ticket entitles you to access for the number of connections agreed.

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