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Cost € 15 per device
school discount € 8 per child. minimum 25 children

You enter the Gropparello Castle in the company of Madonna Bianca Maria Anguissola and Cavalier Rodolfo da Sione, with the help of the Magician ZoomArgh. A fun way to make children learn the possibilities of defense of the castle and the life and thought of a castellana at the time of Ladies and Knights in the court of a castle.

The activity is conducted by 3 animators and allows you to deepen medieval history through the knowledge of the castle and its functions. From an architectural and defensive point of view, the Gropparello Castle represents a typical example of a high medieval military fortress

It is also a way to make children play together again: in fact, all classmates can also register, so that they can have fun together!

To access the virtual activity, each participant must download the ZOOM program on their device (computer, tablet, smartphone or smart video)

Upon receipt of the link, each individual user must register on the platform by creating their own profile and entering their email address (that of the parent is fine too; it is important that each student has a different email) and a "enter the classroom" button will open. the day and time of the guided tour will become active.

Technical information in preparation for the real live online guided tour


  • This visit is suitable for families with children aged 6 to 12.

  • Duration 1 hour

  • Platform used: ZOOM

  • All children will have the opportunity to interact. The characters will also take turns as facilitators to stimulate their curiosity.

  • The Visit will start on time with respect to the set time, so we recommend connecting to the platform 5 minutes before. At the set time, the link will become active

  • each ticket gives access to one device only, and during the booking phase it is necessary to communicate the name that identifies the participant and which will be highlighted as an identifier on the platform, or change the name by entering the "MORE" section and clicking on "RENAME".

  • Any unauthorized devices that are inserted will be excluded from the visit

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