Murder Dinner  

You will be cold and you will warm up with the thrill of fear….

You will feel surrounded by strangers ...

but the generous gutturnio that you will find in your jugs will help you!



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26 febbraio|      ore 20:00

on the events page you will find the next available date

cost € 160 per couple

At the Gate of the Castle Park you cross a temporal space that leads to a distant world where envy and greed led inexorably to mortal conflicts.

It looks like a court reception, given with emphasis and great generosity, but it hides dangers in every dark corner….

To begin with, the nobles who arrived at court will be shown the glories and possessions, and then, taken to the ancient kitchens, where the fire gleefully bursts, they will find themselves among dark shadows wondering who among them is friend and who enemy ... ..

The wine and the dishes will not be enough to dissolve the lump of fear in the throat ... .. the jokes of someone who wants to lighten the heavy atmosphere will not be enough ... the giggles of fun in a flapping of wings will turn into hysterical giggles ... ..


Who died? I did not know him…. oh yes i had seen him before ... .. why did he die? He was close to me…. Weren't they wrong? What if they wanted to kill me?

Dress code: Medieval Dress

(those who do not have their own medieval dress will be equipped with a dress upon arrival)

Price list: € 160.00 per couple

The cost includes:

Animated visit to the Castle, Dinner in the Taverna (water, wine and coffee included),

Themed entertainment of the evening, use of a costume for those without one.

Early evening at 20:00

  • Meeting point: Gropparello Castle Ticket Office, where you can get accredited by delivering the PURCHASE VOUCHER

  • Parking of the Castle: before the entrance on the right, or Municipal Parking in the village of Gropparello in Via IV Novembre

Tavern Tasting Menu

The menu is made up of small samples from the a la carte menu

Coppa, pancetta, culaccia and Piacenza salami with fried dumplings

Carrot and turmeric cream with parmesan wafers

Quenelle of cream of robiola with pink pepper

Tortelli with ricotta, porcini mushrooms and Parma ham with melted butter and parmesan

Cannelloni with Gorgonzola and walnuts

Parmesan flan, pear and cinnamon sauce

White chocolate and wild berries pie with raspberry compote

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