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Cavalier Guglielmo nomina i valorosi giovani Cavalieri dopo la battaglia nel bosco contro
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There is no need to travel through time and space to find enchanted places where extraordinary characters become companions in fantastic enterprises. 


The Celtic atmospheres of Val Vezzeno and of the woods surrounding the fortress come to life in the saga of the magician par excellence and in the legend: his birth, as told by the narratives of every era, brought balance to the magical world of the peoples of the north, outlining clear between good and evil. At the Castle of Gropparello, with the great battle of the two dragons on the tower, the fate of the kingdom is defined. Walking along the path along the gorges of the stream, in the woods, amidst the winter mist, the majestic building suddenly appears, surrounded by mysterious characters. The Kingdom is being tested by the forces of evil, and only one man can defend it. Merlin will recognize among the children present who is destined to lead him towards peace, the one who will be recognized with the name of Arthur. A veritable hunt for dreams and the glories of adventure. 

Every Sunday and public holidays from 1 to 21 November, 

“Merlin, Lord of Immortality” appears on the Castle Heights 

of Gropparello 


Duration of the activities approximately 4 hours

Average stay time 6 hours, including breaks and lunch breaks




Path in the woods with the characters of the Arthurian Saga

Adventure "in search of the Holy Grail"  for all children aged 3 to 12

Castle visit for families


when booking you can book a basket with salami or cheese and fried dumplings, or a table at the Medieval Tavern


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