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tgcom24- mercato medievale al castello di gropparello



Nel Medioevo, i castelli erano luoghi di difesa e importanti centri economici che dominavano e proteggevano la regione circostante.


Questa atmosfera, avventurosa e un po’ magica, rivive nel 

Castello di Gropparello

 (provincia di Piacenza) 

domenica 24 e lunedì 25 aprile dalle ore 10 alle 18

Dicono di noi .... recensioni su Castello di Gropparello


-Turismo Itinerante-

Il Castello di Gropparello (PC) da 26 anni organizza il Mercato Medievale, una rievocazione di alcuni dei mestieri più importanti per l’economia dell’epoca.

Il Feudo di Cagnano viene concesso con diploma imperiale carolingio dell’ 808 al vescovo di Piacenza Giuliano II.

di Anna Prandoni - Foto Francesca Tilio

abbiamo avuto l'onore di essere stati inseriti nella rivista on line Scaglie del Consorzio del Parmigiano Reggiano, insieme ad altre 2 realtà che come noi danno forma ai sogni!


Tratto dalla ns rassegna stampa

Stiamo raccogliendo qui dagli archivi tutto quello che hanno scritto di noi....

aggiorneremo di volta in volta man mano che arrivano nuovi articoli dal presente o dal passato!

Schermata 2021-01-10 alle 22.03.00.png





"Don't go where the path can take you. Instead, go where the path isn't there yet and leave a trail behind you"


a holiday at the Gropparello Castle

If you are surprised that you have never seen a place or that you have not tasted a food or a wine that you have never tasted, you must do something that you have never done ....

the beauty of traveling in company ...

Who among us has never dreamed of returning as a child for a day and reliving those magical adventures that sprang from our wild imagination?

la casa viaggiante_blogger.png

A leap into the imagination, a magical place to visit with children

There are places that somehow manage to transport us to a different dimension, and Gropparello Castle is certainly one of them. Visiting it means immersing yourself in an experience that transports you elsewhere, in time and space. And indulging in the suggestions and emotions that are experienced here is the best way to savor everything it has to offer.



A Magical Weekend at the Castle

with mom and dad

A day at the Parco delle Fiabe with the Grape Festival

A family of Bloggers in Camper!

two fantastic children and a special mom and dad!

"Whether it's on the other side of the world or in the corner behind our house, we are always looking for beauty that makes our hearts beat like a first date and fills our eyes like the dawn of a new day"

GLI ACCHIAPPAMAPPA nella torre del Barba

Gropparello Castle: Two days in the Middle Ages

Gropparello in the Giro d'Italia of two young bloggers who took part in the Parco delle Fiabe as a child. At the time they did not know each other ... but both felt that this was one of the most beautiful trips made with the School ... and then they returned and put their professionalism in support of their beloved castle!

Viaggia Piccoli_blogger.png

by the correspondent Topi & Lenticchie

Gropparello Castle: the emotional park

Do you know what an emotional park is? No, it is not a place where you are easily moved, but a set of activities and animations that stimulate the emotional sphere of the child and lead him to face fears and difficulties but also joy, self-confidence, courage.
Having said that it all sounds very theoretical, but in reality the experience at the Gropparello Castle was fun and stimulating for our whole family and we want to tell you about it.

Globetrotter Radio24

An intervention on us ... 10 JANUARY 2021

Doctor Livia Cornaggia of the Tactile Museum of Varese , Guest of Valeria De Rosa's Globetrotter column, gives an intervention on the Gropparello Castle. We thank Livia Cornaggia and Valeria de Rosa for opening a window on us by highlighting aspects that are not always captured by visitors: the synergy between different realities helps us to become stronger!


Gropparello Castle - Gropparello Castle Park - entrance Via Roma 82/1 - 29025 Gropparello - info@castellodigropparello.it



La televisione che entra nella casa dei Piacentini è venuta a trovarci

con Marzia Foletti

La pandemia azzera gli eventi nei castelli. A Gropparello lockdown con i “fantasmi”

guarda l'intervista