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Gropparello Castle
Wedding al Castello di Gropparello
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The Bridal Suite is available for the bride from the day before .

a Castle with a Heart

Gropparello Castle is a medieval fortress that rises in a natural context of extraordinary beauty. The blue rock on which it is built blends with the stone architecture creating grandiose and fairytale effects. Donated by Charlemagne to the Bishop of Piacenza in the year 808, today it is inhabited by the Gibelli family who made a choice of life by making it their home, taking care of every detail and warmly opening it to guests.

The large English park is enriched by gardens of rose gardens and aromatic plants whose atmosphere full of suggestions recalls the villas of the '500. Here, in the secret garden, we find hedges of prostrate rosemary, rose and olive trees, quince and strawberry trees, with an effect of romantic views of great emotional impact, which guests can enjoy in total freedom. The heart of the reception is at the castle, which can be reached through a walk in the park. The placée service can be set up in the Cortile d'Onore that opens in front of the imposing drawbridge or in the Sala delle Armi, with large Renaissance windows that filter a magical light out of time. The cutting of the cake on the drawbridge and the open bar on the panoramic terrace under the stars complete the picture of a perfect wedding.


Gropparello Castle - Piacenza (Emilia Romagna)


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