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Maria Rita Trecci Gibelli

in the footsteps of the Farnese with intuition, passion and a pinch of madness...

... a few words about the creator of the PARK OF FAIRY TALE 


"I was born and raised in the land of the Farnese family and here I felt at home!

Here I found an area where time has stopped: a beautiful province, full of castles, ancient villages and solitary but never abandoned parish churches... Where everything is maintained with attention and taste"

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a bit of history

Born in Viterbo in May 1959

from Tuscan father (Montepulciano) and mother from Tuscia (Bolsena). 

"I lived in Viterbo,  dreaming in the alleys of the San Pellegrino district of the life of ladies and noble knights of the 1200s, and looking out for fun from the balcony of Palazzo degli Alessandri". 

He met Gianfranco Giorgio Gibelli in the Eternal City, during a computer science master's degree.  United by an exciting passion for the culture of history, music, Italy full of ingenuity and feeling, they soon got married, and so Rita moved to Milan, the family's hometown Gibelli. 

Two daughters were born here, Chiara and Francesca, and here the passion for ancient music was born, already cultivated by Rita in Renaissance and Baroque singing, and which has now become a concrete working reality that sees her engaged in a dazzling entrepreneurial activity in one of the most important restoration centers of ancient musical instruments in Italy. Here Rita gets to know a new and ancient world at the same time, made up of talented and ascetic artists, charismatic personalities, restorers and builders, scented laboratories of wood, resins and shellac.

In this environment full of magic and scents of cypress wood and amber, taken under the wing of some of the most important musical instrument experts such as Grant O'Brian, curator of the Victoria & Albert Museum, she learns the construction and I restore ancient musical instruments and become a collaborator of museum conservatories, great concert performers and internationally renowned professors of organology and learn transform the dream into a project,

the project in contacts,

event contacts...

For 5 years he directed the scientific committees for the European Restoration Center in Milan  for the restoration of musical instrument collections in important museums, such as the  Museo Teatrale _cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_at La Scala in Milan, the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, the Accademia di Santa Cecilia in Rome, and  for the Correr Museum in Venice physical and functional recovery project of the entire collection of ancient musical instruments that had been lost after being rescued following a flood of the Conservatory, and for the  which followed and _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_portato a termine l'intero progetto  di  recupero, studio  e _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5c f58d_restauro  della  collezione  che è stata esposta  poi  nella Sala of the Doges  e at Ca' Rezzonico. For this operation he worked with the Cise of Milan, the Enel research center and also looked after the search for sponsors for whom he organized the exhibition and the events in the museum.

 Finally, he took care of the study for an insurance policy for Musical Instruments for the Minerva insurance of the Zurich Group. Furthermore, as an expert in ancient musical instruments, she has curated as an expert  an auction of musical instruments for Finarte Casa d'Aste by Francesco Micheli and  collaborated _cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_looking for musical instruments for collectors and talented international musicians. 

But this extraordinary career full of emotions and encounters with famous personalities of international culture increasingly brings to the surface a deep need that Rita cannot ignore: the dream of living in an idyllic place, made of hills, rose gardens, ancient stones, vaults and arches, high ceilings, cellars, portals.

Copper, wood, terracotta… Linen fabrics, woven baskets, ancient stones.

Rita and Gianfranco passionately collect objects that represent past eras and that enter into dialogue with the house, completing the environments naturally.


Until one day, by fate or by magic, they come across an extraordinary case: an ancient castle for sale in the Piacenza area. 


Here the need for a valorisation project arises and the challenge begins against all the negative opinions of consultants, friends and relatives.

The only supports: the passionate trust of Gianfranco and the trusting love of Chiara and Francesca. 

He conceived and developed for the Castle of Gropparello a project of enhancement and revitalization now known throughout Europe: the Parco delle Fiabe - the first emotional park in Italy. With this project studied ad hoc for the Castle of Gropparello and its English park, Rita Trecci Gibelli has put the child and his natural environments at the center of everything, such as the family, the school and the summer camp, inventing the " experiential emotional visits” when no one was talking about it yet. For at least twenty years the Castle of Gropparello has constituted the Case History brought as an example of an innovative project in the various Italian and foreign university faculties,  where Tourism Marketing is studied.   His project and his working methods have become a point of reference for  cultural marketing scholars.

My passions

le passioni.jpg

It would be easier to say what I dislike…. 

I have many passions all linked to the emotions of the senses and are enclosed under the cloak of history. I like to create amazement ... in this I am of a Baroque nature ...

My passions  are continuously intertwined:

music from  Renaissance to the 19th century;

furniture, where  collecting objects of daily life finds spaceof the past, to recreate around me the emotions of the various eras, and among these the adored ones are musical instruments or musical boxes.

I have a great passion for traditional cuisine and historical cuisine. And this passion carries with it the passion for kitchen tools and objects for setting the table. It's all a long story that moves on the hands of time. Every hour has its customs, its traditions and its perfumes.

In my opinion, perfumes, smells and flavors are a fundamental complement to fully experience live history, and they help us cross time windows, taking us to distant times and places.

The memory of perfumes and flavors is incredible: it manages to make you experience emotions even after 60 years and images that were thought lost come to mind! This is why I have always considered it essential to cook for my children and for my friends and relatives: associating flavors and aromas with moments of joy and love together. Even after many years, taking up a certain recipe and savoring its flavor by getting inebriated by the scents it releases means being able to get excited and experience the same joy and the same love....

A very powerful cure for melancholy!

For me, cooking is not only flavors and aromas but also aesthetics and color... and these aspects are also typical of the passion for gardens.

I have always been involved in creating gardens, and above all hidden corners that suddenly appear behind an avenue or under a low wall…. the garden with hedges, flowering and fruit trees, rose gardens and wetlands with stream or fountain has always been in my imaginary ideal green area around my house... If I have to choose between buy something for myself or for the garden, I definitely choose to buy something for the garden. For me, the garden is an inexhaustible source of emotions, linked to the colours, volumes and shapes, to the scents and uses of each plant both for cooking and for body care, and for decorating rooms and environments in general . It is leafing through the calendar from season to season… from its greens, its yellows, its whites: from the creamy white of the freshly fallen snow to the blue-white of the snow  under a clear sky illuminated by the sun , to the gray white of the snowy morning with the fog…. Here: from all its colors I experience the passing of the seasons with emotion….


Of all of them, but the greatest passion is to make others experience emotions….

And this has become my job!

my brands

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