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Giving life to the Castle by maintaining it and maintaining its natural park

contributing at the same time to enhance the territory that hosts us and helping to create sustainable development in the valley


in 30 years we have contributed to teaching parents to play with their children



Through the creation of an educational play project for school and for the family

through which we transmit the values of tradition, history and nature and contributing to their education and emotional growth


altare celtico nel parco delle Gole del Vezzeno


1st Focus

The construction of a  business model that brings values to the entire territory that hosts us, without creating visual impact and pollution and helping to economically grow the whole valley, creating new jobs for people of all ages, with a job rotation system that can adapt to the family needs of the various workers, allowing young undergraduates, mothers and people over 50 to create income. From the very beginning  abbiamo   focused our attention on the problems of pollution of the streets commonly linked to large tourist flows, and we have educated our visitors to an ecological attention for the environment and for saving resources.

We create job roles tailored to people's abilities

2nd Focus

Save and keep the castle complex healthy and efficient, preventing the deterioration caused by the passage of time and bad weather which, if not managed, could destroy one of the oldest castles of Italy. At the same time we give space to local artisans who work with the traditional method respecting the nature of the asset

3rd Focus

Maintain the naturalistic park of the Vezzeno Gorges, an ophiolithic area of adamic beauty that houses a Celtic altar on the promontory in front of the castle and which represents a treasure trove of biodiversity, identifying the arboricultural interventions necessary for the correct maintenance of the trees in the park, to guarantee the safety of the forest itself and its users.

We give the trees a   a leading role for the environment from the point of view of its healthiness and as an ornamental and anthropological value . Their participation in the storytelling of the Parco delle Fiabe, which the castle forest hosts, makes the  park a living environment and remains imprinted as a place of happiness in the minds of children and adults, who find in it his own childhood, recovering inner harmony


They are not the big actions one shot that make the difference, but the small daily actions

They seem so small that it doesn't occur to you to say them ....

1- internal led lights, which turn on when people pass

2 - foot operated taps or a photocell for guest bathrooms

3- choice of detergents with refill and washing management automatic dispenser for all washing machines: dishes and glasses in the restaurant, washing machines for the costumes of the Parco delle Fiabe

4- separate collection and recovery of glass

5 - recovery of rainwater for irrigation

6 - architectural lights of the Castle that turn on only 3 hours on Saturday and Sunday evenings or on the occasion of holidays

7 - mowing of the grass with shredding to leave nourishment to the earth and contain the evaporation of humidity

8 - we leave falling branches on the ground, moving them only from the paths, to leave natural habitat for insects

9 - we create the handrails of the paths with chestnut poles so as not to visually impact with materials that are not consistent with the environment. This involves a lot of work, because they have to be changed often, but we do not accumulate materials that must then be disposed of

10 - we help small businesses in the area to grow, supporting them with our purchases and promotion

11 - we have created a partnership with the territory to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of all citizens, participating in the promotion of local initiatives by conveying them through our communication on the site, social and direct in the front office, and participating in projects in favor of activities of the youngest  e of the local school,   besides  of voluntary associations

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