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When you can visit the Castle of Gropparello?

Every day by reservation. You can make a reservation at any time on the site. Enter theCALENDAR, choose the day you want to come and get the tickets in the available time slot that interests you. Otherwise enterTICKET OFFICE, search for the tour itinerary or experience at the castle that interests you most and see on which days it is available

Can the Castle be visited freely?

No, the Castle is a private residence and can only be entered with a Guided Tour. The guide introduces visitors to the secrets of the castle and allows them to learn in detail about the history, the uses of the rooms,   the customs and traditions, anecdotes  about the castle and on its inhabitants in the various ages from the Celts to the present day

Children they pay reduced?

In guided tours, children pay like adults, while in experiences such as the Parco delle Fiabe, or in the packages Guided tour + lunch, or stay at the castle, children pay reduced prices

Can you eat at the Castle?

At the Castle you can eat by reserving a table at the Medieval Tavern, or a basket at the Loco di Ristoro. You can also have a picnic in the equipped area paying € 1.50 per person for the use of the table, cleaning and collection of waste  waste

Is it possible to sleep at the Castle?

At the Castle you can have an exclusive experience by booking the Torre del Barbagianni Suite: an apartment suspended among the trees above the drawbridge. Seats 4. Max  2 adults and 2 children

Can I bring the stroller?

The stroller is very useful for moments of break from activities or for moments of relaxation or nap. For the activities and for the guided tours, a backpack or a fanny pack is very useful, because with the stroller you cannot do the various routes both in the castle and in the park

Is the parking for a fee?

TheCar parkingdel Castello is free in Via Roma

TheCamper parking municipal, in Via Circonvallazione,  costs €10.00 per day/night

TheCoach parking Municipal, in Via Dante Alighieri, costs € 20.00 per day

Are the routes suitable for people with limited mobility?

Unfortunately both the castle and the park of fairy tales and also the visit itinerary in the Gole del Vezzeno are not suitable for those who walk badly or move around with a wheelchair. In fact they are all spaces in terraced rock areas, and with the wheelchair you can only get up to a certain point. We have an online connection service, which allows disabled people who come to visit with a group, to follow the visit or the animations by connecting via smartphone. In this case, a person in the group will connect via our platform to the disabled person's smartphone and act as a cameraman to have the disabled person participate live, who will stop at one point along the route

Can I bring the dog?

You can bring your dog on weekdays (not holidays) and only if it is small, and with the following differentiated rules depending on the experiential or visiting itinerary you intend to do:


VISIT TO THE CASTLE: during the visit to the Castle the dog must be kept   in the hand kennel or in the backpack, not in the arms.The presence of the dog must be reported when booking, because to prevent them from barking we don't let more than one dog visit at a time.

NATURALISTIC VISITYou can take him on a naturalistic visit only if   you keep him on a leash and you have a bag and scoop with you to clean up any droppings.The presence of the dog must be reported when booking, because to prevent them from barking we don't let more than one dog visit at a time.

FAIRY TALES PARK dogs are not allowed here, because they would conflict with the organization of the activities.

NB:In the pagesWHAT THE TERRITORY OFFERSyou can find a boarding house that keeps the dog for the whole day

Is there disabled parking?

We have reserved parking at disabled people with impaired or significantly reduced ability to walk inside the pedestrian area of the Giardino della Masseria, near the ticket office and the toilets. It must be booked when booking the ticket because there are only 2 seats, and a receptionist must open  a gate that is normally closed. The machine that accesses in addition to the reservation must have theDISABLED COUPON and have the disabled person on board. Since there are only 2 internal parking spaces, priority will be given to the disabled person who drives the car himself. In case of internal seats sold out during the booking phase, we will agree with the reception staff for facilitated access

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