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Author Manuel Bongiorni – Castello di Gropparello® edition

Music CD – silly ballads, songs and ditties about medieval life


“…by the highest will of the King, the caged prisoner who will amuse the Most August Majesty the most will be pardoned, while the one who is deemed outcast will be pilloried!!”

…here, therefore, is that three convicts, locked up in the dungeons of the Castle, sing “of backbiting, of lands and waters, of the whims of pride and wind, of the art of exchange, of crimes and punishments, of vain heeling, of what it is beautiful and what is better, of foresight, of forgiveness and punishment, of living and perishing…”

NB: the cost includes shipping costs by courier

STORIES FOR A KING- M. Bongiorni- ballads, songs and folk songs about medieval life

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