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Team Building
"a Corte" with a Medieval flavor

Suspended between heaven and earth, perched on a peak of ophiolithic rocks like an eagle's nest, the Gropparello Castle is immersed in a breathtaking naturalistic context. The manor, austere and unassailable, transforms every MICE event into a legend, thanks to an excellent internal catering service and a highly experienced entertainment staff.

There are countless variations of team building that are organized within its ancient walls: medieval challenges, food and wine tours, treasure hunts in the castle's woods and then role-playing games and fantasy experiences.

There are also traditional visits to the castle or park, guided by experts in the field, such as the historian, botanist or astrologer for the evening activities.

All events and solutions that can be adapted to the different customer needs.


Companies tell....


The interesting novelties of the new year are accompanied by the great classics, such as "The Curse of the Castle" , the "Challenge in the Cocktail Room" , a real bartending course, to learn the art of cocktails, and "The harvest of 'author ” , which includes not only a visit to the vineyard and a cellar for the production of fine wines, but also the pressing of the grapes.

And then again the food and wine experiential team building, “Put us on your hands” : two cooking game proposals of different levels depending on the availability of time and the customer's needs.

“Chef to chef” , an hour face to face with the castle chef to learn how to prepare fresh pasta; and “Save your life by inventing yourself a chef” , a competition in which the “prisoner” guests can be freed only if they can satisfy the demanding palate of a greedy and capricious king.

Gropparello Castle is certainly a beacon in the organization of team building, this does not exclude valuable collaborations with other companies specialized in the sector. On such occasions, the Piacenza structure offers the "stage" for events, logistics and catering service.

The MICE events at the Gropparello Castle take on unexpected nuances, which remain harnessed in the memory of the participants.

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Excite your guests


It can be a beautiful end to the day before leaving, or the start of an incentive gala evening

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