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Castello di Gropparello.jpg

Outside the Festival Ancient Theater of Veleia

Every evening, before the shows of the Ancient Theater of Veleia, the Gropparello Castle will open out of hours for guided tours and for aperitifs and/or dinner in the Secret Garden of the Medieval Tavern, which is located in the Castle Park, surrounded by rose gardens, plants of olive trees and rosemary hedges

The Gropparello Castle sits like an eagle's nest on the Vezzeno Gorges

Making a stop at the Gropparello Castle before going to the show of the Ancient Theater Festival of Veleia Romana is an indispensable naturalistic and historical compendium, to understand the ancient link that exists between the Castle (8th - 12th century) with its centuries-old park and the Celtic altar (6th century BC) and Veleia, the Augusta city. For those arriving for dinner with the current year's Veleia Romana ticket, a free glass of wine will be given

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