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The pendant is handmade by Chiara, using the art of beaten wire, folded  and tied. It has decorations in non-authentic pearls, but river pearls can also be used, in which case the reservation must be made and the object will be quoted at the moment, to then be made and shipped. The material used is brass and is tied to an iron wire. The necklace instead is made using only the twisted brass wire. 


  • In case of damaged goods or goods that do not conform to the description, the customer has 14 days to return it.
    In the specific case of damaged packaging, the customer must not accept the delivery by putting the phrase damaged packaging on the delivery note.
    In the case of intact packaging and broken goods, the customer is required to notify immediately and send photos of the object in question.
    In the case of goods that do not meet expectations, the customer is required to notify immediately and the refund will be made after checking the integrity of the product.
    Once returned, we will refund or replace it.

    The shipping costs for returning the goods are to be paid by the buyer.
    The cost will be equal to the expenses you incurred to receive it.

    There is no warranty for this product.

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